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Streetsbrook Infant & Early Years Academy

Learning for Life


Life Ready

‘It’s about changing perception and opening the eyes of our children and young people to the world of possibilities that exist for them.’ Redraw The Balance, Mullen Lowe.


Life Ready is a learning approach that underpins everything that we do at Streetsbrook.  We aim to inspire children about their future by increasing their awareness and encounters with different careers and workplace environments.  This enables our children to be exposed to a range of different job possibilities, understand what different jobs involve and the key skills that are central to succeed and therefore need to be developed from a young age. 


At Streetsbrook, we acknowledge our responsibility for developing ten recognised ‘Skills For Success’ amongst our children.  The first three are related to ‘Behaviour and Attitudes’.  We aim to instil ‘Determined,’ ‘Optimistic’ and ‘Emotionally Intelligent’ mindsets within our children.  The fostering of these attitudes equips children with the capabilities to become life-long learners, not giving up if they encounter a problem and recognising that this is when learning will take place.


The next seven skills are classed as ‘Employability Competencies’ and considered to be highly valued by employers.  These are: ‘Self-Management,’ ‘Team working,’ ‘Business and Customer Awareness,’ ‘Communication,’ ‘Numeracy,’ ‘IT’ and ‘Problem Solving.’  Through a range of experiences, activities and special days held at Streetsbrook such as Money Day, a two day Residential and Sports Day to name but a few, we actively enable our children to recognise the importance of developing these everyday life skills.