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How do you promote inclusion within the academy? Including day and residential trips?

How do you promote inclusion within school, including day and residential trips?

We are totally committed to providing an inclusive education for all of our children at Streetsbrook.  This includes:

  • the class teacher having the highest possible expectations for each child in their class
  • teaching which is based on building on what your child already knows, can do and can understand
  • putting in place different ways of teaching so that every child is fully involved in their learning e.g. using more practical learning or providing a different range of resources
  • all lessons are differentiated to meet the needs of every child in the class
  • grouping of ability, mixed and independent work is used to support all children
  • putting in place specific strategies, which may be suggested by the SENCo, Inclusion Support Practitioner or an external agency, to enable a child to access their learning

All children at Streetsbrook are enabled to participate in a range of trips which are carefully planned by staff to enhance their learning.   Year 2 children also benefit from an annual residential trip to Blackwell Court and every possible effort is made to ensure this is accessible to every child regardless of their needs.
Risk Assessments are carried out for each trip and appropriate numbers of adults are made available to accompany the children including 1:1 support if necessary.  
After school clubs are available to all children and relevant adjustments will be made to support participation.