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Streetsbrook Infant & Early Years Academy

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English at Streetsbrook

‘The value of English in the curriculum?  What can I say?  Without English, nothing.  And without good English, nothing very well.’

Anne Fine, Author


In English, children develop skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.  This enables them to express themselves creatively and imaginatively and to communicate with others effectively; crucial skills for their future.


In speaking and listening activities, children are encouraged to discuss their experiences, convey their thoughts and ideas to others and to evaluate their activities orally.


In reading, we aim to foster a love of books and for children to become fluent, competent readers.  The Oxford Tree Reading Scheme is used throughout the school to specifically support the teaching and learning of reading.  Children also have the opportunity to share and enjoy a wide range of other books including poetry, stories, rhymes and non-fiction.  Where possible, we use electronic texts on the Interactive White Boards to support the teaching and learning of reading.   We have a well stocked library which children visit regularly in order to borrow books for use at school and home.  All children also benefit from a daily phonics session; the school follows the ‘Letters & Sounds’ programme.


In writing, we aim for children to become competent, enthusiastic writers, writing for a range of purposes.  These include writing letters and invitations, stories, instructions and recounts.  Making writing relevant is vital and we regularly provide opportunities for children to become engaged in drama activities to provide first hand experiences for their writing.